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"Just in the 'nick' of time"

This year over 80 children's names were left off The Angel Tree. "Names were left off due to parents missing the deadline and many parents who had jobs last week find they don't have jobs this week," said Gail Hutchison. That is where Dare County Social Services steps in and receives calls from those who didn't make it on to the Angel Tree...those who either were too late, or didn't quite qualify, those who just recently found out about the tree...or recently found out that they now NEED the services of the Toy Drive. So, Dare County Social Services fills in the cracks. Whatever the reason over 80 children in Dare County still need gifts for Christmas.

christmas presents

Thankfully The Willey Agency heard of the need and came forward with a donation of $500. for this worthy cause. This generous contribution will ensure that these children receive much needed Christmas Joy! Money that is given to Hotline, such as the donation by The Willey Agency, will go towards toys, gift cards and food cards to those recipients.

"It is the season of giving...and its the right thing to do!" said Linda Willey. Linda was awarded Agent of the Year in November and was the first woman to receive such an award. She is the Vice President and Treasurer of The Willey Agency. Hotline will purchase non violent gifts with donations like this such as bikes, puzzles and board games. Many organizations are doing similar types of giving this year. Instead of drawing names and giving out gifts at company parties many have chosen to donate time or resources to worthwhile charities. People are looking for traditions that focus more on spirit and less on stuff.

Margaret Hunt stated, "Having my own children and seeing how much they enjoy Christmas I could not imagine a child's Christmas morning with no gifts." Jill Beatty, Personal Account Executive for The Willey Agency said, "I can do my part to make Christmas better for some children and bring light to domestic violence." "Giving does not need to happen just at Christmastime, we need help all year long." Gail stated. "We are always in need of paper products like diapers, toillet tissue and paper towels. Next time your at the store just pick up a package of diapers and drop it off on your way to work." Nikki Duncan, also with The Willey Agency is expecting her first child in March and can well imagine the need for diapers. "You can never have too many diapers!"

It's not too late for other business to join in. No matter the size of the contribution it is all needed, this year especially! TTOPS and Max Radio of the Carolinas have been supporters of this drive for quite some time. "Christmas is still about a week away and there is still time to purchase non violent gifts for these deserving children or give a donation." added Fletcher Willey President of The Willey Agency.

Many people said they plan to make Angel Tree and giving donations to worthwhile causes a new part of their holiday tradition. In this fast paced season of shopping and decorating some individuals and business are looking for something more. This tough economy has made for tough times but it has also brought back the true spirit of giving. Several local churches are already participating, but individuals, groups and business are also welcome sponsors. Programs like The Angel Tree and Dare County Social Services hopes to help make the Christmas wishes of all these children come true.

Call social services at 475.5500 or Hotline at 473.5121. They will gladly come pick up the donation no matter the size. All donations are appreciated!

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